Polka's Superstars

Polka's Superstars
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Side 1: Pennsylvania Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Johnny's Knocking Polka-PETER and PAUL WENDINGER * Oriole Waltz-DEUTSCHMEISTERS* Schneider Polka-CHRISTY HENGEL * My Darling Waltz-WHOOPEE JOHN * Pretty Girl Polka-ERIC HONZA* Our Mike Polka-PETER and PAUL ENDINGER * Swedish Waltz-RAY DORSCHNER?S RAINBOW VALLEY DUTCHMEN * Ping Pong Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Saxophone Schottische-WHOOPEE JOHN Side 2: Tick Tock Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Old Lady Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * At The Spring Waltz-ERIC HONZA* St. Paul Polka-THE DEUTSCHMEISTERS * Warta Waltz-WHOOPEE JOHN * Heska Holka Polka-RAY DORSCHNER?S RAINBOW VALLEY DUTCHMEN * No Beer Today-THE DEUTSCHMEISTERS * Nanda Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * Blue Skirt Waltz-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Three Yanks Polka-RAY DORSCHNER?S RAINBOW VALLEY DUTCHMEN* Hup Sadyna Polka-THE DEUTSCHMEISTERS* Old Homestead Schottische-WHOOPEE JOHN
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