Polka Hits Vol 12

Polka Hits Vol 12
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Side 1: Tick Tock Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN* Too Fat Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Chicagoland Twirl-DICK RODGERS * Bicycle Built For Two-THE DEUTSHMEISTERS* Pretty Dancing Girl-BERNIE ROBERTS* Somewhere My Love-WHOOPEE JOHN * Strip Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Beautiful Ohio Waltz-THE DEUTSHMEISTERS * Champagne Polka-DICK RODGERS * Harvestime Schottische-ELMER SCHEID Side 2: Edelweiss-WHOOPEE JOHN * Be Yourself-MYRON FLOREN * Going to Heaven Waltz-DICK RODGERS * Kool City Polka-BERNIE ROBERTS* Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein-THE DEUTSHMEISTERS * Ping Pong Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * Innocence Waltz ?ELMER SCHEID * Minneapolis Polka-DICK RODGERS* Over The Waves Waltz-DEUTSCHMEISTERS * Schatzie-MYRON FLOREN
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