World's Greatest Waltzes

World's Greatest Waltzes
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Side 1: Old Oklahoma Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Little Sweetheart Waltz-WHOOPEE JOHN * Tales of Vienna Woods-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Lilac Time Waltz-DICK RODGERS * St. Paul Waltz-DEUTSCHMEISTERS * Whirlaway Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Missing You Waltz-DICK RODGERS * Saturday Waltz-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Oriole Waltz-THE DEUTSCHMEISTERS * The Girl I Left Behind-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Side 2: Susy Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Champagne Waltz-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Anniversary Waltz-THE DEUTSCHMEISTERS * Chicago Waltz-WHOOPEE JOHN* Days of Youth-DICK RODGERS * At The Spring-ERIC HONZA * Accordian Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Green Meadow Waltz-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * I Love You Waltz-WHOOPEE JOHN * The Wedding Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC
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