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Mixed Artists
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Side 1: Pennsylvania Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Too Fat Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * Schatzie-MYRON FLOREN * Whirlaway Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Tales Of The Vienna Wood-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Musicians Play All Night-WHOOPEE JOHN * Oh Susanna-MYRON FLOREN * Milwaukee Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Prune Song-MYRON FLOREN **Side 2: Yankovics Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Sleepy Eve Polk-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Muss I Denn-WHOOPEE JOHN * The Butterfly-MYRON FLOREN * Beer Barrel Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Red Head Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Tinker Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * Edelwiess-MYRON FLOREN * Blue Skirt Waltz-MYRON FLOREN * Life In The Finnish Woods-WHOOPEE JOHN
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