World's Greatest Polka Package

World's Greatest Polka Package
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Side 1: Lienchtenschteinner Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN* Barbara Polka-WHOOPEE JOHN * Just Because-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * It's Polka Time-POLKA PADRE * Tinker Polka-IVAN KAHLE * Johan Pasnippen-WHOOPEE JOHN* Cuckoo Waltz-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN* Julida Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Life In The Finnish Woods-RAY DORSCHNER* Peanuts Polka-POLKA PADRE Side 2: Try It, You'll Like It-DICK RODGERS * Blue Skirt Waltz-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Holtz Auction Schottische-WHOOPEE JOHN * Rangers Waltz-THE EUTSCHMEISTERS * Our Mikes Polka-PETR and PAUL WINDINGER * Schneider Polka-CHRISTY HENGEL* Broke But Happy Polka-BERNIE ROBERTS * Three Yanks Polka-FRANKIE YANKOVIC * Pennsylvania Polka-SIX FAT DUTCHMEN * Homecoming Waltz Minnesota-WHOOPEE JOHN
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