Polka's Greatest Hits Vol 2

Polka's Greatest Hits Vol 2
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Side 1: ?O Suzanna Schottische-Polka Padre * My Wife Is Happy-The Deutschmeisters * Heska Polka-Ray Dorschner?s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen * Schneider Polka-Christy Hengel * Pretty Girl Polka-Eric Honza * Hard To Get-Polka Padre * Our Mike Polka-Peter and Paul Wendinger * Hup Sadyna Polka-Polka Padre * Swedish Waltz-Ray Dorschner?s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen * No Beer Today-The Deutschmeisters Side 2: Three Yanks Polka-Ray Dorchner?s Rainbow Valley Dutchmen * St. Paul's Waltz-Polka Padre * Johnny's Knocking Polka-Peter and Paul Wendinger * Musicians Come and Play-Polka Padre * Oriole Waltz-The Deutschmeisters * Who's Ya Like To Love You-Polka Padre * The Spring
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