Bavarian Village Band

Bavarian Village Band
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"Best of" are taken directly from "The Big Joe TV Shows", May have shorten songs.New Brunsfels (v) Leichtensteiner Polka (v) We left our Wives at Home (v)Hide and Seek Polka (v) All the Fish are Swimm'n Schottische(v)Mien Out Hut Dri Eken Waltz (v) Omaha Polka (v) Alysco Polka*Seven Step Polka And How To * Una Paloma Blanca Polka (v)Peanutse Polka*Too Fat Polka*Flying Dutchman And How To*Up-Down-Left-Right And How To*Little Chicken Dance And How To*Heir Schmidt And How To*Texas Hoki- Pokey And How To* I Don't Want To Go Home Polka(v)
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