Big Joe's Television Show Vol 9

Big Joe's Television Show Vol 9
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1 . Opening With Lonny Rich and The Big Joe Dancers A. Peanuts Polka 2. Wayne Ripke Band A. Gary?s Polka B. Chicagoland Twirl PolkaC. Rainbow Valley Polka 3. Mary Ann Psotta Trio A. Growing Growing Polka B. Rosemarie Polka C. Little Tavern Waltz 4. Polkateers Orchestra A. Pretty Girl Polka B. Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka C. Squirrel Polka 5. Johnny Kucera Button Accordion Trio A. If I Were A Bird Polka B. Gypsy Polka C. Black Crow Polka 6. Frank Hazuka and His Orchestra A. I Don?t Know Polka B. Autumn Love Polka C. When When Polka 7. Closing Interview With Rich Wilks 8. Special Moostash Joe And His Polka Orchestra Add On From1989 A. Musicians Come And Play B. Clarinet Polka
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