Big Joe's Television Show Vol 3

Big Joe's Television Show Vol 3
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1. Big Joe Opener with The Harmony Singers and Lenny Rich and The Polka Playboys A. In Heaven There Is No Beer B. Polka 2. Accordionettes Orchestra A. Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka B. Scare Crow Polka C. Our Mike Polka 3. Frank Kucera and His Orchestra A. Slovinka Polka B. Setting Sun Polka C. Rosemarie 4. Lorn Skrivanek Trio A. Clover By The Water Polka B. Kolina Kolina Polka C. White Horse Polka 5. Al Grebnick and His Orchestra A. Lenora Polka B. I Love To Dance Polka C. Home Town Polka 6. Strategic Air Command Polka A. My Melody of Love Polka B. Red Raven Polka C. Minnesota Polka 7. For Your Added Enjoyment, A Segment From 1989 Show Was Added With Bobby Z and Polka Joy Orchestra A. Where Did The Good Times Go Polka B Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka C. Sunshine Feeling Polka 8. Closing Interview At Oak Ballroom In Schuyler, Nebraska With Adolph Kucera
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