Erie Shores Button Box

Erie Shores Button Box
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Best of" are taken directly from "The Big Joe TV Shows", May have shorten songs. Side 1:Trumpet Echo Polka - Happy Mountains Polka Cheese and Crackers Polka - Neapolitain Waltz - Incline Polka SNPJ Polka ? Treeband Polka - Strawberry Hill Polka Actnewtoona Polka - Slovenian Picnic Waltz - Cheery Polka Side 2: Big Splash Polka - Uncle Lou's Polka - Prime Time Polka - Snow Waltz - Erie Shores Polka - Uncle Harry's Polka - Mom And Dad's Polka 1081 Polka - Buddy Lou's Polka Old Timers Polka - Terezinka Polka
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